Addison Avedon is a terran, to the core.  While he understands and cannot impugn the alien technology that has brought his species into the center of a vast, galactic  The danger of humanity being cajoled and restrained, prevented from making their own decisions.  It's been a concern of his every day since he'd departed Earth as part of a survey and speculation team, sent across the stars to locate and retrieve valuable mineral resources to bring back to his home planet.organization, in the back of his head, he sees a danger. 


Time after time he had felt his concerns fully justified, as he and his crew had been prevented from accomplishing their tasks, their materials confiscated, by self-righteous aliens claiming they were working without permit and out of their jurisdiction.  Matters came to a head for Addison during an imposed quarantine by a turian patrol.  After returning from a survey of helium 3 deposits located in the Terminus Systems, their ship was interdicted, their resources impounded, and the crew quarantined under suspicion of being infected by a rare strain of bacteria.  Under this pretext, the turian patrol had effectively stolen all things of value to them, all the while refusing permission to speak with their embassy or any terran officials.  While Addison allowed his anger to burn and waited for the humiliation to end, several of his crew took a more active alternative.  Two died while trying to wrest control of their impounded vessel away from the turians.

Upon his release, Addison demanded justice from his embassy.  His cries met with flat refusal, ostensibly on the grounds that his team has broken several ordinances in their mining expedition.  The real reason was the terran ambassador's sensitivity against any antagonism towards the Council Races in their continuing push for membership.

Feeling that those who postured as representatives of the human race had utterly abandoned the needs of their own people in order to become lap dogs of aliens, Addison returned to Earth, to find his bearings.  It was there that a stranger passed him a message:

"Do you place the needs and the safety of the human race above all else?"

He was invited to reply one week later.  His answer was yes.

Since then he has been slowly brought into the Cerberus Network, his field experience in planetary exploration and his spacer connections proving a boon, as did his knowledge of mining machinery and vehicle certifications.

Humanity deserves to shake loose from the tethers of alien control, and to be able to protect itself against any hostility.  Addison Avedon works to make this a reality.

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