Birthplace : Earth 

Age:   39 

D.O.B: March 2nd


Addroc Thurston was in New York City, USA on Earth in 2118. The boy grew a relatively normal upbringing for an Earthling. At the age of seventeen, Addroc registered for the U.S marines and maintained military training. Around for the discovery of Prothean technology on Mars and for the major nations of Earth coming together to join and create the Alliance. 

It was soon after the discover Addroc Thurston married a woman back home on Earth. The two intended to start a family together until the discovery of a Mass Relay encased in Ice circling Pluto a year later in 2149. The next year, Humans begin to expand their territory to areas outside of the Sol system and Addroc Thurston is transferred from planet Earth, to assist in surveying planets and galaxies outside of the Sol system. 

Assisting in the founding of the colony Demeter, Addroc served on the colony for several years on the military base - away from his family. It would not be for several more years Addroc is sent home to Earth, only to find his wife had left him for another man, being away so long from his wife had destroyed his marriage. 

Between then and the First Contact War, Addroc attended Officer Candidate School and graduated with the rank of Second Lieutenant, a standard entry rank for new officers. Although, his military career as an Alliance Officer was short-lived. Just a few months into his career, Addroc retired from the Alliance military, being scouted by a new organization; Cerberus. 

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