Advant roland cerberus

Advant Roland

Age: 32

Profession: Hired Gun/Black Market Trader.

Advant Roland found his opportunity and skills allocated in smuggling, black market trading, and mercenary activities. 


Originally part of the Alliance Navy's Marines, Advant found himself disgusted with the Earth-based government after the shameful events at Shanxi. The decision to capitulate to a group of Alien council members and spare the Turians revolted the Veteran, given the way the Turians mercilessly besieged Shanxi and starved it out. Although he has little qualm with the other Alien races, Advant believes the Turians and numerous other races to be hostile to the human species as a whole, and has strong resentment for them. To cope with his growing disgust and anger, he submitted a request to be officially discharged from the Alliance Navy and was granted such shortly after the First Contact War's end, thereby freeing him of his obligation to care about the Alliance's terrible decision and what he saw the future was heading towards. He now makes his living in underground trade of both legal and illegal weapons and materials, along selling his combat skills to the highest bidder, however secretive. 

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