Birthplace : Earth Age:   20  


Alena was born in 2137 on Earth to a humble family in Southern Ohio, her father being a drunk and mother never around she stayed mostly to herself and away from home as much as possible, learning to fend for herself as she just watched the people around her. She did quite well in school although she had no real ambition, unsure where her life might take her, she worked odd jobs here and there to earn money as soon as she was able and finally able to leave her home at 16. After watching a homeless man being beaten one day Alena goes to help him, taking him to a shelter where she visits him daily to check on his progress, eventually volunteering for the shelter she is taught basic medical knowledge and how to care for those dying. Alena had known about people traveling in space but had no real desire for anything so grand, she was content here on Earth taking care of those who could not care for themselves. When the homeless man "Jack" she had helped that one day died, Alena felt lost, she had lost her one friend and while continuing her daily routine of work and helping in the shelter she read an article about a colony on Eden Prime and in a rash decision she decided "What the hell". Packing her bags she left home without looking back, it was a new start for her, one she would cherish....

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