Birthplace : Texas, Earth. Age:    21


  Alex Pierce is from a long standing line of a military family, serving the American military all the way back to the confederacy. Alex is the first to leave the service of the United States for the Alliance, opting to serve humanity as a whole instead of just her home country. Maybe grandpa wasn't so big on the idea, but the rest of the family felt it was a good idea. As humanity's universe was expanding, nationalities were becoming a little more vague.

  Though a bit of an oddball in the family, Alex opted to follow tradition that was pressured onto her, joining the Alliance in setting off into space to see what else was out there. Inspired by her great grandfather, a special forces operative, Alex has been training and trying to get enough skills and standing to be admitted to the ICT program. Though, she still has yet to finish proper education or training to even become an Alliance Officer of any sort.

  Due to the her eagerness to volunteer to any given deployment, Alex has spent very little time in one place ever since she joined the Alliance, a healthy fascination with space has kept her spirits up despite the lack of consistent companionship or location. 

  Alex was one of the guerilla fighters during the occupation of Shanxi, spending more time as backup or support then actual front lines combat. As a result of surviving the occupation, her standing opinion of the Turians has since been marred to see them as warmongers even more so then the Krogan she has since met, firmly believing they shot the Alliance expedition first

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