Birthplace of your character: Thessia 

Age: 230 


Ame took to the Asari Military rather quickly in her life after she lost her parents to a raid on a passenger vessel. Her mother being a well respected biotic tried to defend the passengers while her father, a Turian military officer, took to fending off the attackers. In the end the ship was destroyed, leaving no survivors. She dedicated a good portion of her earlier years to training and studying the various martial arts available to her. Constantly honing her abilities, testing them on various missions that were borderline suicide. Her eagerness to go into battles where odds were stacked against her were seen as reckless. But constantly she pulled through, though never unscathed. Often times needing to be carried from the conflict after the dust from the skirmish had receded. 

Her superiors took to trying and having her assume missions with other huntresses. Most of which took a liking to her decisiveness while on missions. She began to grow fond of having a partner with her, but it wasnt meant to last as her previous partner was killed when they were overwhelmed on a recon mission. She swore off partners after that. Her superiors fearing for her sanity sent her to the citadel to try and settle down and find inner piece. The first suggestion that she head to temples to find some peace were shot down by her. So they opted for a light duty of sorts. Observation and interaction with the species that had been discovered called "Humans". They were at the Citadel and thats where she was being placed, for now. Always on stand-by to be called into missions.


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