Snapshot 2157 Rise of Humanity, Toria (177, 129, 86) - Adult

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Anjel J. Vega was known as a "Spacer" having his parents in the Alliance Military Service before him, they were constantly being Stationed one place to another, they never really had much time to settle down. His parents William W. Vega and Lauren P. Vega had both reached high places with the Alliance Fleet, restricting them from spending much family time. Of course there were times they had the time to, they'd moved everywhere together, but it didn't seem like much to him. Angel held on through it all though, he'd seen plenty of Alliance personnel at work, and it wasn't long before he decided he would want to join them as well, as an Alliance Navy Marine, he had heard so much about their valor and fidelity, he found it hard to contain himself whenever he'd met one. As he grew though, he matured quickly, and managed to adapt and turn out to be a very civil and laid back person, nothing like his strict and upper classed parents, but they showed no biased to his plans on becoming an Alliance Navy Marine, though they'd wish he'd shoot for a more economically stable and high classed position, they supported him nonetheless.

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