Eragon Fisseux - Kalir Rynlor

Race: Turian Sex: Male Birthplace of your character: Palaven  Age: 28


Born and raised on Palaven, Axwi Sangila joined up to be in the military just like any other turian when they had come of age. Proven to be an exceptional marksman when equiped with a M-92 Mantis sniper rifle or an effective foot soldier with a M-8 Avenger assault rifle during basic training. Having competed his tours of duty he then decided to spend most of his days working at C-Sec to help keep the Citadel a safe place for any citizens living there.

With a sence of honor and loyalty, Axwi didn't faulter when it came to protecting those in need and dealing with trouble makers, even respectful to most of the other alien races taking residence on the Citadel including the newest addition to the galaxy, the Humans.

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