Billard Lexington

Billard Lexington

Birthplace : Fehl Prime, Human Colony Age: 25


I grew up in the human colony Fehl Prime, where my parents both worked creating pharmaceuticals. I did quite well in school, and decided to take after my parents by studying science myself at the Besaral Institute of Planetary Science. After I graduating at 21 years old, I wanted to explore; so I began doing research on the strange Kirik species on the planet Ekram. While there, one of my Asari colleagues decided to prank me by throwing one of the creatures at my face. It proceeded to evicerate my left eye, and after extensive medical attention, they were only able to reduce the scarring to some degree, and I now have to wear an eyepatch over the wound. Ever since then I have hated and distrusted all alien races, having only scientific interests in them. After recovering from my wound, I decided to work where my parents did back at my home colony, and after a while I was approached with an a group named Cerberus.

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