-Caemlyn - RoH-

Birthplace : Space - aboard the Jackal 9.

Age:  19 


Sometimes in life you have no choice but to scramble for each foothold, roll with the good as well as the bad, and have the grace to do so with a smile.  Not every day will be a blessed new awakening.  Not every day will leave you so eager for the next.  But you'll survive it, and at the end of tomorrow's yesterday you will have the pleasure of saying that you were the one that got away.  You were the one that made it.  My name is Caemlyn Rhodes, some know me as Cae, others as Cami... but mostly, nobody knows me.  I don't stick around any one place for all that long because I was born on the run, and my mum said, "Cae... there are those of us what was meant to stand still, and those of us what was meant to keep on keepin on."  So that's what I do.  I keep on... and on... and on.  My mum stood still once, and that was the end of her.  I still remember the way her face looked when she pushed me at my Uncle Gossmer and told me not to look back.  I looked back, and he hauled me off... she just stood there, then I never saw her again.  That my friend, is what happens when you stop movin for too long.  Uncle Goss raised me up to the best of his abilities, but he always said I was my mothers, daughter.  I knew exactly what he meant too, and it really wasn't a compliment, but between us it was the closest I'd ever get to an ~I love you~ outa him.  He's still around too, off on his ship, meeting with associates near and far, selling his wares, and importing various goods... Which is code for... running his con's, fencing his wares and smuggling whatever he can fit in his hold.   We decided to part ways a few years back... I wont tell ya what that's code for, and it's not really important why.  What I will say is, life has been increasingly more challenging.  It's funny how you take the little things for granted, like having a bed, a few meals a day... a place to shower.  I guess that's why I'm here now.  Figured if I could catch my balance in a place like this without standing still for too long, maybe I'd have a shot of gettin my own ship.  If not, there's no shortage of ships to hop out of here... right? 

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