Simon Osei Application for Salarian Photo


Sur'Kesh Heranon Mal Dinest Got Ceemon Ozei

is a typical Salarian, living by the edict that "Knowledge is power"


To this end he has engineered his way from Sur'Kesh to the Citadel with the prime purpose of becoming a powerful information broker. His skill in this field however, is questionable. 

In the interim he runs a small ship parts kiosk on the citadel, acting as a broker for several stellar engineering companies. He would like to think of himself as a bit of a rogue and a smuggler but sadly that isnt completely true either.

Ceemon lives alone in his apartment on Citadel, he has no mate and has no family back on Sur'kesh he refers to. Clearly his main interests are money and power and he is keen to further both of those goals however he can.

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