John Dojima Raiden

Birthplace : Earth Age: 21


John was born in the city of São Paulo, Brazil in 2134. Abandoned by his parents (Mother Sophia Dojima Raiden; Father Marcos Dojima Raiden) in the door of an Military Outpost when he was 2 years old, along with his brother .. His parents had no conditions to raise him them, and both were put in a orphanage. He was adopted by a former U.S army soldier. His brother stayed there for a couple of years before being adopted by a unknown man.

  John's childhood was spent on different cities as his father chose never to stay at the same place for more then 5 years,for a unknown reason. John was being prepared by his adopted  father to become a fighter for the army. 

  By the age of 17 (2151), he instead, enlisted to the Alliance, 2 years after the discovery of the Mass Relay around Pluto. He served the Alliance for 5 years (2156),one year before the start of the First Contact War with the Turians. During his Alliance Era, John has been through several economic problems, other then the constant risk of losing his life. 

  He was tired of the Alliance giving it's soldiers a really low value, hence why he left. John used all of what was left of his money and bought a one-way trip to the Citadel. (Where he would later on meet with the leader of the Criminal Janus Organization as he tried to join it

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