Dr. Shiana

Birthplace : Thessia  Age:   350 years  


Born on Thessia to a loving Krogan and Asari joining, she always had the grace and agility, as well as the biotic proficiency of an Asari, but ended up with Krogan ability to do well in extreme situations. Her skill with biotics and combat lead her to becoming an Asari Commando. Doing quite well and making it out of some highly volatile and dangerous situations by diffusing them and removing the obstacles that were there for any other military units that needed to come through. After retiring from the military with honors she decided to go to college, studying and earning her doctorates in both alien biology and alien language, having always been fascinated by non-asari as her parents cultivated interested in other alien species. Since graduation she has worked on the citadel as a teacher, for the countless children that go to school that live in this massive floating city and as a linguist for the council.

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