Echo Headshot 1

Birthplace: Space Age: 18  


Her step-mother was Asari. Okay, time out! First the Salarian. Now this. Her mother had been a spacer. New Frontiers Corps, an aggregate of the Sirta Foundation. She'd been in every high-class port Citadel Space had to offer. Which one of her mother's many 'clients' was actually her father she wasn't going to hazard a guess. She didn't look down on her mother for this decision. After all, Yaqua had been part of her birthname. It was just she didn't need to find out from a classmate Yaqua was an Asari name. Her mother hadn't been all that forthcoming about what that meant either. Maybe she was over reacting? Didn't matter. Time to get off the ship for a few months... or years. 

When she heard about colonial applications being taken for new Eden she did a little research, talked to that Salarian who was always so fond of her mother, and got him to soften the idea. "Great opportunity. New planet. New conditions. Well protected. Chance for her to grow," he said in his regular short punctual burst. "Already adept at life in space. Needs experience on the ground. Perfect opportunity." 

Her mother was doubtful. She wasn't a stupid woman. Far from it. She knew what Echo was doing. Probably why. It was all that /green/!! You can't clear your head on a space ship. Not really. Every thought you have has some mnemonic resonance with the hull. Its familiar contours. It's spaces. There's no escape to a new thought. Everything reflects, multiplies, converges, compounds... 

It didn't look like her decision phased her mother at all. No, definitely not. She still made her regular four month detour in Illium before falling off the grid. 

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