Snapshot 2157 Rise of Humanity, Toria (172, 141, 86) - Adult

Birthplace : Thessia  Age: 321   


An Asari Matron who has always wanted to help people after leaving Thessia Elara was a merc for some time hunting down bounties and doing transport jobs. Elara entered the Matron stage and decided it was time to leave the hard life of a merc  and become a Doctor on the Citadel she has been doing this for a few years now she is fully qualified to be a doctor. But don't be fooled due to her being a merc during her Maiden stage this beautiful  asari can defiantly handle herself she can use weapons well and is also very very good with her Biotics. Elara is usually easy going but when its time to work she works damn hard she enjoys listening to Music dancing but she loves nothing more than the feeling a good battle gives her ...

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