Eliza Blanc

Eliza Blanc

Birthplace of your character: Spacer Age: 24   


Eliza had a relatively easy life, she grew up transferring from station to station with her parents, both of whom were working for the alliance. She grew up with relatively no friends causing her to be quite introverted, always standing back and watching others until she was actually needed. When Eliza turned 12 her mother was killed in action, leaving only her father to raise her. He seemed to have no issues with raising his only daughter alone. Elizas father would teach her how to care for herself in case he was to pass on as well. She had learned to cook and defend herself, how to calmly handle an argument though not much past that came from her father. He never did get killed in action, and still works for the Alliance to this day, though he has been traveling through space without his daughter for some time now. When Eliza turned 18 she enlisted in the Alliance, hoping to climb up ranks and teach the next generation of soldiers. 

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