White raven

White Raven

Emilie Hicks was born on a Element Zero Mining Facility in 2129 CE.


In 2147 CE Emilie joined the Alliance military at the age of 18, she served 10 years honorably before she found herself plunged deep into the Relay 314 Incident (First Contact War).

During one of the fierce battles of the war her best friend and lover was brutally killed, torn limb from limb by a Turian General. Heartbroken she began a terrible blood rage seeking out the Turian General and his unit and ordered her men to kill them just as grotesquely as they did to her lover.

Upon the final charge against the Turian ground forces she found the General and fought him up close and personal. He took her left eye but she took his heart straight from his chest.

Her rage had gotten many of her men killed in her personal vendetta and upon returning to Alliance controlled space she was courtmartialed and discharged dishonorably from the military.

Her resilience in futile situations had caught the eye of another group, one who would appreciate her abilities...Cerberus. She gladly accepted the job proposition and loved how the corporations views on Xenos aligned with her own. She went through a short training program and a  few induction classes before she was off completing missions for the Illusive Man.

Showing her true value after several key operations landed her the position of Commander of the new CI:6 Counter Insurgency Cell. A Cell that personally deals with the enemies of Cerberus. Her head strong attitude and extensive training has kept her alive and her faith in the mission of Cerberus.

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