Snapshot 2157 Rise of Humanity, Toria (181, 105, 86) - Adult

Born aboard the Systems Alliance Navy's Arcturus Station, Erebus Vyper was the son of an influential yet controversial Captain, Yyrick Vyper. He was raised to believe in the tenets of the Systems Alliance, but at a young age decided that he was superior to any aliens he encountered. He saw them as an inferior race - not necessarily to be underestimated, but inferior nonetheless.

He began falling in with more extreme military personnel in his late teens and by the time he was eighteen he had enlisted in the Alliance System's Navy and quickly qualifed as a Marine. He aimed as high as he could go but did not manage to achieve the vaunted N7 status, instead relegated to N5. This disappointed him but he nonetheless ran many black-ops missions for the Systems Alliance.

Soon thereafter though, he learnt of the end of the First Contact War - being at 'peace' with the Turians, it was everything Erebus hated. This and the increased acceptance of aliens in the galaxy by the human Alliance led Erebus to desert, going mercenary - largely as a black ops-soldier-for-hire - before eventually hearing of Cerberus through one of his former navy comrades, an old friend who surprisingly shared his last name. Eager to join such a humanocentric group, Erebus set his mind on humanity's cause once again...

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