Born March 26, 2130

Deauville, France, Earth

Occupation: Specialist in Covert Ops



Eva Core

Brown Hair


When we first ventured into the unknown using Mass relays it didn't occur to us that we might be stepping on anyone's toes...

Born to an English mother and French father, Eva was an only child and lived an idyllic existence up until her parents were divorced. This threw the teenage Eva into turmoil sending her on a self destruct mission. She left France and made her way to London, where she began work for a private security firm not caring if she lived or died.

In 2148 she was assigned to the special operations division and attached to the care of a visiting billionaire arms dealer from the US. Eva proved her worth when she was needed most, an attempt on her clients life left her putting her own directly on the line as she protected him.

Her client, Jack Harper decided he wanted her to become his full time personal body guard, she left England for the US, and didn't leave his side from that day forward.

In 2157 Eva found herself on Shanxi with Jack brokering a deal with the Alliance Military. War broke out  and the skull faces tried their very best to expel all traces of humanity.

However they made one mistake......they didn't count on the turn of events that was about to hit them.

After the incident on Shanxi, the rumors of Eva's death were unfounded and with a renewed vigour for the survival of her race, Eva stands beside the Illusive Man on Cronos station.

Here she learns new technologies and as much about the Alien races as she can . Here she fights against all who vow to wipe out and destroy what she loves most....humanity.