Faustina Galeria-Sabina

Birthplace : Citadel  Age:  34 


Typical upbringing and schooling for the first 15 years of her life, her 15 years of military service however is somewhat lacking, though she is proficient when it comes to handling various weapons as well as hand to hand combat, she did not stand out amongst her peers. It wasn't untill 10 years into her military service before she was given the chance to become a pilot at which point she excelled above her peers, however by this point military service had already given her a sour taste and though she enjoyed being a pilot she didn't do more than what was needed of her. Leaving the military at the age of 30 she hooked up with a merc. group as their pilot saving the money she made so she could one day buy and own her own ship. After 3 years she'd almost saved enough and a few months later when the group began to turn towards illegal jobs she cut ties with them, stole their ship and left them stranded on a salarian planet. Selling the ship in a nearby system gave her enough money to afford her own ship, and began working as a independent freighter pilot. Her relationship with her parents is strained, her father had hoped for her to remain in the military just as he still was created a small drifting apart it is her view of the relay 314 incident which currently has them on no speaking terms. If asked about it she will respond that the resulting conflict was due to an over eager commander.

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