Grayson invictus


Birthplace : Palaven  Age:  24   


Grayson Invictus was born in the year 2133, on the Turian Homeworld Palaven. His father, fought during the Relay 314 Incident, His father did survive the 3 month battle, yet retained a distrust of humanity, a trait Grayson disagreed with his father. Grayson believes humanity has potential and is an equal opportunist for those who want it, his need for this equality made him want to join C-sec, unlike his father who wanted him to become a respectable military officer, while Grayson does not get on with his father all the time, they both understand the importance of family despite their misgivings.

Grayson is curious, yet cautious, he likes to step back and assess a situation before making a decision, especially if there is a life involved

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