Hannah Barrett

Birthplace : Earth Age: 27


Born in a small coastal town in South Texas, Hannah joined up with the Alliance as soon as she was old enough. Her home town of Fulton, once a vacation spot for upper and middle class families had long since diminished in importance. Now a spot only for the most dedicated of broke vacationers Fulton had little to offer anyone. The closing of the nearby naval academy also sped the demise of the town.

Her father died at sea when she was a toddler during a sudden storm out over the gulf. Her mother worked two or three jobs at once to provide for Hannah and her older brother Daniel growing up. She sends a large chunk of her paycheck home to ease her mother's life, keeping back just enough to enjoy the odd night out when on leave.

Eager to learn about other cultures and the universe at large Hannah  signed on to the first mission she could find going the furthest from home. Shipping out as undes Hannah tends to get the crap assignments - guard duty, cleaning, patrol. Upon reaching the Citadel she knew she wanted to stay. Her hope is to get a permanent duty station on the Citadel. It seems like the perfect way to continue serving humanity while still getting a better look at alien life.

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