Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland, Earth.  Age: 22  


Born in a Scottish military family; his father a former Non-Commissioned Officer in the Sutherland Highlanders, Hugh elected to join into the military, entering into the Sandhurst Military Academy and graduated to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the European Union's military. 

Six months within his rotation he petitioned to join the Systems Alliance's Marine Corps at the start of the First Contact War. He barely got to see any action, the transport ship used to carry his Platoon was almost immediately hit by weapons fire, taking him out of the fight. He carries those scars to this day. 

Despite the hostility of the First Contact War, Hugh maintains a surprisingly optimistic-leaning outlook towards the newfound aliens. The War was over, dust was settled. No sense now in causing a ruckus. He'd joined to protect people. Not start a conflict. 

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