Birthplace : Palaven Age:     28   


Kaestra Vrymnis  was born and raised on the Turian home world of Palaven. 

She entered the military at 15 but was placed in the Turian Cabals soon after her biotics came to surface.  She felt out casted by her kind, placed in a unit far from any front lines.  Instead she played spy on the other soldiers, observing and reporting back to her commanding officer.  

Though it upset her when she was still young Kaestra Vrymnis grew into her role.  She took pride in her work and soon was being used on assassin runs.  Deadly with a sniper rifle, she was the envy of many of her unit along with her biotic abilities.  Though her favorite weapon of choice would be her trusted assault rifle and pistol.  They were handed down to her the day she was given the news that her brother had been killed on Shanxi during the Relay 314 Incident.  

Kaestra took it hard, and blames the whole of humanity for the loss of her brother and childhood friend that died beside him.  She left the Military's Cabals at 28, uncommon for her kind but not unheard of, as a reserve and heads for the Citadel, looking to start a life, perhaps join C-Sec for awhile.

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