Eragon Fisseux - Kalir Rynlor

Birthplace : The Citadel, Tayseri Ward Age: 26 Galactic Standard Years


Kalir Rynlor group up in a relatively well-to-do section of the Tayseri Ward, overlooking the Dilinaga Concert Hall. Life was good, until the age of seven, when his parents were killed in a Skycar accident.  Kalir was stuck in an adoption center for a year before running away, spending the next seven years as a duct rat.  He was eventually picked up by C-sec on misdemeanor charges, and while in the drunk tank that night made the decision to turn his life around.  Kalir returned to the Citadel adoption system, and completed his secondary and collegiate education, in criminal science. He now lives in an apartment overlooking the Dliniaga Concert Hall, and makes a living as a private detective, but has applied for a position in C-Sec.

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