Birthplace : Space

Age : 180 years old


Keet Ko Shahenni works in the Citadel Presdium as an attendent of the consort.   She will use sex and power to presuade and manipulate.  If you want an audience with the consort you have to go through her.  That in itself gives her power.    There are several sides of her personality.   She is still young and unsettled.  So at times she enjoys thrill of taking risk.   She will take on missions assigned to her by the consort that involve assasinations and violence.  In appearence she is always elegant, gentle, polite and soft spoken even when angry.  She can stab you in the back and tell you that you brought this on yourself and that she really does not want to do it but is all for the greater good while twisting the knife deeper.    She has another side of herself that  is fasinated by politics and military of any species.   She enjoys watching the coming and goings of politicians and warriors.  She has no desire to become a warrior herself but loves to be around dangerous people and situations.  She is ambitious in many ways and uses her position as acolyte to wield power in her own way to get what she wants.  She is wealthy in her own right and has no need for money but will make others make others pay outrages cost for descreet information and services rendered just because she knows that credits are important to other species and she just likes to see them sweat.   When ever she thinks she can get away with it she can be sadistic and cruel just for the shear enjoyment of learning what another species would do in a stressful and dangerous situation.

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