HEADSHOT Khorus Marak'esh - Salarian

Homeworld: Sur'Kesh Age: 20


Khorus Marak'esh was born on Sur'Kesh some 20 cycles ago. He is a man with very little social grace and is extremely self-centred. This ego-centric young Salarian is, like many of his kind, a genius. It did not take him long to master system operations, security and hacking, weapons technology and system hardware, and most interestingly, anatomy and medicine. This collection of skills created in Khorus what could have been the perfect STG candidate, that is, with some covert operations training. However, at the possibility of an STG traineeship and induction, the ambitious Salarian snubbed. He believed it would waste his valuable time and distract him from more important work. This, of course, has its drawbacks. Khorus is no where near efficient in combat, and his ability to use a pistol is layman at best. While that might be effective against other laymen, it certainly won't do when it comes to hardened soldiers. Khorus's effectiveness comes in the form of demolition, bio-weapons, and explosives - outside of that he is no tougher than a civilian, albeit worlds apart in intelligence. In the following cycles that important work would come to fruition in a deadly plague-virus exacted upon a small station-colony in the Terminus systems. 204 Batarian colonists died horrifically, suffocated on fluid in their lungs which had worked within seconds, debilitating the entire crew and civilian personnel. The cause had never been discovered. To Khorus, he had discovered success at last. A bio-weapon which released an air-born virus, which forced the lungs to constrict and produce mucus in such a quantity it drowned the sufferer within minutes. Though no connection was ever drawn to the Salarian, he went off the grid for some time, only re-appearing very recently in Citadel space. It is unknown whether this terrorist is still testing, plans to commit more acts of barbarism, or has turned his attention to new ideas.

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