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Birthplace : (e.g. Earth/Colony/Space) Earth

Age: 18


Orphaned at a young age.  She doesn't remember, or doesn't wish to remember why.  Lacunar or Selective Amnesia is what the specialists call it.  But, who cares, her parents either died or abandoned her, so the results are the same.

Her adoptive parents have shown her nothing but love and she hates them for it.  So much so, that she joined the Systems Alliance, much to their distress, at the earliest opportunity.

Excelling in tech, she relishes the challenge of hacking or reverse engineering any technology that she can sink her teeth into.  But, she was not content with becoming an engineer, an infiltrator is her goal and has been working tirelessly to improve her combat skill-set.  She is obsessed with attaining this.

Her deepest, darkest desire is to find a father/mother figure, someone to respect and emulate.  Someone who can see her potential in order to nurture and hone her developing skills.

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