Birthplace : Palaven Age : 38 


Kraxus Vorakas was born on Palaven during the year 2119. As he was raised like any Turian, war is in his blood. Serving in the Turain Hiearchy for numerous of years, when the Relay 314 Incident had arose, he was Captain at the time, yet seeing his platoon being wiped out, his XO's had fallen in combat and took the role as General. Learning what the humans were capable of, he had led numerous successful attacks on the Human race on Shanxi. Kraxus is a dignified War Strategist and a excellent speaker to boost the morale of his Turian brothers and sisters. Present day, he is now doing his best to keep the peace with his Turian's and Humans. Seeing what they are capable of, Humans may have a chance to earn a spot in this Galaxy and can prove others what they are capable of.

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