Birthplace : Tuchanka

Age:  200 


Krexell was born and raised on Tuchanka. When he was big enough to fend for himself. He left his mothers side to go out into the ruins of his planet by himself with only his armor and his bare hands. Viciously attacked on several occasions and yet still managed to survive. He came to collect parts of everything he killed like a trophy. Wild Varen he killed in his youth. RIpped off their heads using them as pinchers for a much softer enemy so that he could rip them apart. After awhile he grew bored with this and went back to his bare hands and his hard head. Trampling most things as his life came along. Returning home he was larger than his child like size he left with. His test of manhood was soon to come. Krexell was taken off down a road towards an area where Thresher Maws popped up all of the time. He was told to kill at least one Thresher Maw and return with one of its teeth. Waiting for one to come up he sat in the middle of the test zone until he heard a loud siren go off in the area and the planet beanth him shaking. Shuffling up to his feet he prepared to fight. Krexell stood near a thick wall and waited. As several of them popped up out of the ground. The first two just watched and wiggled around. A third had tried to swipe him from the side. He had avoided it by charging forward. Letting it smack dead into a wall. Upon looking up the other two had begun their assault thrusting forward their jaws of death. Rolling to the side he avoided one as it collided into the other that had previously attacked. As the second came down it slammed its head near Krexell but only missed and caused a nearby pillar to fall on top of it. That day Krexell had the best of luck on his side. Having seen them all out across the ground. He pulled a knife and hacked his way threw the mouth of one. Stabbing down to where the teeth rest rooted into the mouth. Pulling it clean out as he set off for home. Undergoing several celebrations and rituals he set off to the citadel.