Birthplace : Kahje Age:   24


Just like many Drell, Kysane was born on the Hanar homeworld of Kahje and was trained in all forms of combat. His natural accuracy and aptitude for multi-tasking made him effective as a soldier, but he was found unable to play nicely with others and was not placed in any real combat situations.

His real life began when he was attached to a Hanar diplomatic group as a bodyguard and sent to the Citadel. His abilities soon came to prominence when he was forced to gun down a pair of Batarian mercenaries who had been hired to assassinate the diplomats. He was then sent out by the Hanar to locate whoever who had hired the Batarians. This would have gone on indefinitely if C-Sec hadn't caught the Batarians' master first - a small-time criminal who would suffer from drug legislation the Hanar were seeking from the Council.

The Hanar ordered Kysane to infiltrate the C-Sec lockdown and kill the criminal before he was imprisoned; because of intolerance towards Hanar, the criminal would get out in under 5 years with good behaviour, and the Hanar wanted to be sure there would be no further attempts on their lives. Kysane obliged; sneaking in under the noses of the local security forces, he put a bullet hole right between each pair of the Batarians' lives.

Unwilling to be associated with an assassin, the Hanar released Kysane from the Compact soon after. Now he is a gun-for-hire, mercenary or assassin work.

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