Beautifulspaceman 005


Birthplace: Palaven

Age: 23

Occupation(s): Protection Services, Mercenary Sniper, C-Sec

Weapon of choice: Krysae Sniper Rifle


Named after the planet residing in Sigurd's Cradle, Laconix seems at first glance just as harsh even in a more humanoid form.

Much like the planet, he is normally known to be relatively calm, but be wary of that "thin-atmosphere" definition for he will be brisk to show you he is quite the opposite. As such he holds true to the notions of being honorable, strong willed, trustworthy and protective; He will go out of his way to help most people, no matter the race.

Being of proper lineage, Laconix is naturally one among many of the more stubborn but disciplined Turians in the galaxy. Having strong interests in long-range rifles as well as the military during his younger years, he was persistant enough to find his place within the Turian Military; Eventually accomplishing enough during his time spent groundside to land himself as one of the top, most sought after sharpshooters known.

Laconix now can be found either cooperating with C-Sec when called upon or for hire only specifically for legitimate protection services as he will always frown on unlawful acts.