Jack Harper

Jack Harper


silver-grey hair

"steely blue" eyes which appear to be prosthetic.


Born December 14, 2126

New Albany, NY, United North American States

Former Occupation: Aerospace Engineer 

Current Occupation: Systems Alliance 

Major Jack Harper leads a team of elite mercenaries under contract with the Systems Alliance Military branch.  The black ops unit is codenamed Cerberus.  Officially, Cerberus does not exist and none of its operatives are listed in any military records, including it's leader.  

What is known, is Cerberus, alongside its sister black op unit codenamed Corsair were instrumental in pushing Turian forces back during the battles of Shanxi of the First Contact War.   Major Harper was believed to have perished during the war and his unit promptly disbanded.  Although rumors circulate that he can indeed be the Illusive Man responsible for the infamous 'Manifesto of Humanity' released after the war's end.  However, these are simply rumors which the Alliance will not confirm or deny.