LeiseiHeadshot copy

Birthplace : An Asari Colony Age: 47


Two years ago the support frigate Twilight Flare was found adrift in space a full week after it was reported missing. Five survivors were rescued, all with severe radiation poisoning. Two of them died later in the hospital, Leisei was one of the three that managed to stay alive. The investigation revealed a series of incidents and malfunctions prevented the crew from escaping and left them to a slow death. Some took refuge in cargo containers others kept trying to repair the escape pod launching systems until the bitter end.

The incident has left Leisei scared, in more ways than one. Both of the young asari's eyes had to be replaced due to damage from the radiation. Even when they were new neither eye seemed to ever work properly, always needing repair of some kind. While eyes can be replaced, the neurological damage is harder to remedy. A combination of the traumatic experience and radiation has caused Leisei's memory to become fragmented. Her behavior indicates difficulty in some social situations.

Recent events and difficulties aside, Leisei is very ordinary. No inclination towards biotic use or combative arts. She lives her life out on the Citadel maintaining the food vending machines. She enjoys technology and tinkering with it, usually taking on repair projects for extra credits. Through word of mouth she's become known for her tinkering.

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