Snapshot Fort Sherona, Stellar Point (127, 130, 22) - Moderat

Birthplace : Terra Nova

Age : 35


Liam Kruvik was born to a mother and father on Terra Nova. Both of his parents were shift managers at a local Platinum refinery. During his younger years (Mid teens) A group of Batarian extremists attacked the very refinery his parents managed, while his mother was off for the day his father managed another wing in the facility. His father not being anywhere near the raid, nor physically harmed, Liam still developed a deep distrust for aliens, namely Batarians. By the time the first contact war began Liam was doing his best to Enlist in the Alliance Marines. His needed to serve his race this drove him to push himself harder than some others in basic training. By the time he saw the light at the end of the tunnel, the war was coming to an end and he felt he had missed his chance to make a difference.

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