App Photo Lil Gallifrey

Birthplace : Yorkshire, England, Earth 

Age: 25 .


Oh, Lillith.  Your parents, your teachers at your schools, your professors at university, your instructors at the academy...they all agreed....

"She's so brilliant!"  "That girl is going to be great at whatever she does!"  "Lillith is officer material, I'm telling you!"  "Gallifrey!  Getcher carcass up and get MOVING!"  (Well, except maybe for that one drill sergeant)

Lillith studied engineering at school, and extended her knowledge drastically during her tenure in military academy.  Heck, she graduated with honors.  But, all that lofty praise everyone gave her was always bookended by one little phrase...

"If only she'd apply herself!"

And it bothers her.  Twenty-five years old, and only a corporal.  Officer candidacy?  She can't even make sergeant.  Why?  Lil buries herself in her personal projects.  Messes around, making a floating AI to follow her wherever she goes, created her own tech suit...but it cuts into her work time, and her commanding officers have just about had it.  It's tolerated because she IS brilliant, and she does have a lot of enthusiasm for the Alliance.

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