Luke Alexander born 2119, is a 38 year old Human of Scottish decent. 


Little is known about Luke's life prior to enrollment in Cerberus.  Despite working in the upper social ladder of the Cerberus government, Luke's privacy has been maintained, but he can often be found speaking of his life before Cerberus if the right touch is given.

But for now, Luke's birth place, and family remain a secret from the state he serves due to his lack of trust, and belief that only who he decides to know will know.

Mr. Alexander heads a branch of the Illusive mans administration that has roots dating back to the 16th century.

Luke looks for certain traits to a person, these traits separate those he will entertain to be with and those he wont.  

- Honesty no matter the repercussion.

- Loyalty until deception

- Principles worth living by.

Primarily these things because this is how Luke is, and he believes in surrounding himself only with those with a similar quality of living. Luke will serve until he is deceived, he has a strong set of principles that he looks to before acting, and he rarely finds himself telling a lie.

"No one provokes me with impunity."  is a Motto can be both found repeating to his subjects, as well as enforcing towards his foes

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