Birthplace : Born on Earth, United North American States, Northern California. Age:    28 years old, born October 8th 2129


Being the only child of  MRCP recipient Cardiothoracic Surgeon Bryant Berceau, and triage nurse Linette Berceau, Lyrica grew up with many comforts in life that unfortunately did not include a lot of family time with her parents. Given their hectic schedules and the importance of each of their fields, Lyrica grew to know her housekeeper and her family better than her own parents. With them, she learned to love the stars, laying out at all hours of the night with them to watch meteor showers, or see if they could name all the constellations. A love her parents never had the time to learn about.

Due to this diminutive interaction with her parents, Lyrica's life could have gone in many different directions, some of them less than admirable. But fortunately for her later years, she learned at an early age that when she did things well, or even exemplary as her father would say, she got positive reinforcement and attention from her parents. At first only minor, but the more she strived to succeed, the more often they would take a few minutes out of their busy lives to appreciate her.

Perhaps because of this, and that she did indeed love her parents and managed to realize they believed they were doing right by her in their own misguided ways, she decided to follow in their footsteps and join the medical field also. Choosing what she considered to be a happy medium between her parent's two careers, as an Emergency Physician. A choice that was made solid in her mind after the pandemic of 2146 where it became obvious that ER doctors as well as triage nurses, were in great demand. 

Attending the University of California--San Francisco, same as her mother had, she placed well within her graduating class though not so high as to be exceptionally notable. Still, she got exceptional grades and went on to intern in the ER of one of the local hospitals.  

When the chance came to meld her secret love of outer space, with her chosen career, Lyrica jumped at the chance. Feeling that she could serve her world, and make her parents proud, if she were out where it counted the most. Helping to take care of those men and women whom had taken up the call of protecting humanity. 

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