Marisol Quihoxil, Alliance Military

Pvt Marisol Quihoxil

Birthplace : Colony Age: 31


Born in 2126 to a middle class family working for industrial concerns on Mars, Marisol grew up very aware of the sense of humanity's destiny of spaceflight and the history building the steps taken to that point.

Knowing she wants to be a part of this grand epic age of exploration, she excels at math and science courses in preparation to take part in whatever space program she can apply to after college.  As fortune would have it, as she graduated with a BS from College, the Systems Alliance formed in response to the Prothean Cache found on Mars, having opened new possibilities in space science and public zeal for spaceflight and exploration.

  Accepting an officer's commission in the fledgling Mars Provisional Government's Navy, Marisol quickly mastered the arts of astronavigation, engineering, naval tactics and ground operations, taking time to study the secrets unlocked concerning the mass relays and element zero.  She has quickly earned the position of Lieutenant aboard Mars' flagship.  Intrasystem space travel, however, is not enough as Marisol yearns to be a part of the greater adventure taking place outside the solar system.   She intends to resign her commission in the Mars Provisional Navy and pursue territorial conscription into the Systems Alliance.