Birthplace : Parthia


Mette was born on Parthia to moderately noteworthy artisan parents in an upper-middle class lifestyle and home. She spent most of her youth in various academies while finding her niche. At the age of fifteen she left home to serve the state as a scout in the military.

She passed her initial training with little difficulty and was sent off to join a unit of rangers that explored potential Turian worlds. Her first mission dropped her on a frigid world of ice and stone. While exploring with her unit, they uncovered a Batarian smuggling operation. While reporting home about it, their signal was captured and they were pinned down in a small rocky crater by enemy fire. Despite taking a shot to the face during the firefight and losing an eye, Mette managed to disable the majority of the enemy combatants and then covered her allies as they finished off the stragglers up close.

Upon returning to base, Mette was given a replacement eye and the duty of dedicated team sniper. She chose to become a career woman when her five years of service were up, and served loyally for decades.

Eventually, however, she was assigned to a new division beneath a corrupt commanding officer who was padding his pockets with military funds. Several years of complaints, loud confrontations and potentially violent arguments later, he saw fit to be rid of the thorn in his side. Mette woke up to her barracks' door busting in, and a squadron of military police searching her chambers. They found stolen hardware that wasn't hers.

Due to her years of service, it was all kept quiet so she could keep her honor. She fought and plead at her military tribunal, but they dismissed her.

Full of sorrow at her career coming to an end, and with a burning urge to see justice, she left Turian space and came to the citadel, seeking to join the most renown security group in the galaxy-- C-Sec.

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