Narcissus Silvercloud at Citadel


In 2103, as members of the European Space Agency, Sabine and Louis Silvercloud, originally of French heritage, traveled to Mars to establish Lowell City in Eos Chasma. The first permanent settlement on Mars. Their work in the sciences and medicine was key to the mission making them utterly invaluable to the team. On January 9th, 2129, Sabine gave birth to a daughter she named Narcissus.


From an early age, Narcissus was quite advanced due to her parents constant watch and efforts to press upon their child the desire for knowledge in the sciences and medicine.

Yet, as Narcissus grew older, she began to rebel against her parents constant insistence on her entry into their fields of study. After any lengthy arguement, in which Narcissus would revert to speaking French in her anger, she would escape from their home and wander the city aimlessly. She typically would find herself gazing out into space yearning for adventures instead of books and learning.

By the time she was 18, she had enough of her parents dominion over her and packed up what belongings she could fit into a single bag and bargained her way onto a shuttle crew leaving the planet. It was by this means she began traveling through various planets in the universe.

Because of her nomadic lifestyle, she had to take minor jobs to gain access to money or steal what she needed to get by.Through one such job, she was approached by a man who had been watching her lurk about the past days, unseen by most as she listened in on various conversation, and suggested she might make a better living by working to gather what bits of information she could for the Shadow Broker.The idea immensely appealed to her and she paid her passage to make her way to the Citadel and inevitably to work as a dancer in what she determined to be the popular hangout of many a race and a prime location to glean information.

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