Natasha Montgomery (SL)

Birthplace : Earth, European Union, London Age: 30  


Natasha was born to a rather average family in London, given an average education, and an average upbringing. It was what she did with it that pushed her above average. She graduated top of her class in high school and attended the University of Oxford on a full scholarship. Very quickly she showed great promise in her chosen field: administration. She ended up graduating  in 2148, having already teamed with a group of technology students with promising careers in inventing. She brought enough people under her wing, shortly after graduation and with plenty of loans that she could garner, that she founded her company, the Hahne-Kedar Corporation. Since then, Hahne-Kedar's rise has been meteoric, to say the least. She successfully carved her own way into a deal with the Systems Alliance, thanks to the Battle of Shanxi, cementing her place near the top of human weapons developers. She continues to vie for the top spot, though, hoping to become the sole supplier of all SA standard weapons and armor. However, she has not made any indication that she wishes to support ONLY the SA

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