Asari Nhalia 2

Birthplace : Thessia  Age: 315   


Nhalia T'shauk was born in Thessia, She is a pureblood Asari, born to two highly ranked Asari commandos who were employed by the Asari Military.  Nhalia's parents were killed by a group of Turians while on a mission.  Nhalia became an orphan, but shortly was adopted by an Asari household.  Soon after, she found herself attending a prestigious Thessia Military Academy for young gifted Asari.  The instructors saw potential in her and gave her specialized training.  Nhalia excelled in her studies and began her training in close combat techniques.  Following in her parents footsteps, she graduated within the top few of her class, and was immediately recruited as an Asari commando.  She went on to become an Eclipse Mercenary.  When she isn't doing mercenary work or training she can be found frequently visiting the Citadel.  

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