Niala T'Leira

Birthplace : Illium Age:    132 


  Born in the suburbs of Nos Astra on Illium to a wealthy executive. Her mother, a Matron by the name of Rhana T'Leira, ran a successful ship building company out of Illium. Niala was always fascinated bythe various space ships as she was growing up. She used to watch hours of vids on the extranet about the Asari Dreadnaughts, like the Destiny Ascension. This got her interested in the military life.

When Niala reached her maiden stage, she joined up with the Asari Military, and started her training as a commando. She devotes most of her time to studying martial arts, tactics and honing her biotic skills. 

 Her education has been dedicated to sharpen her mind and body for combat.  Niala currently serves in a commando unit assigned to the Asari Sixth Fleet.

     As for her personality, Niala has a strong sense of duty and honor, and is willing to help those in need. Due to her military training and background however, she does usually take things too seriously, and is sometimes called pessimistic.

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