Nicole Robbins

Birthplace: Earth; U.S.; Haleiwa, Hawaii Age: 25


  Her mother was a very active person in the Systems Alliance working mostly as a receptionist for diplomats while Nicole's father took to the outer reaches of the galaxy as a pilot.

  Nicole grew up looking over the shoulders of her parents at both of their occupations and sometimes assisting them in their duties.

  Once she came of age, she wanted to combine the best of both her parents worlds into her own. While she loved flying through the galaxy with her father, she wasn't one for combat. With her parents' support, she set up her own private business to fly civilians from place to place and eventually from planet to planet.

  This flying through the galaxy spoke to her heart as she was constantly on the move.

  Eventually, her business brought her to the Citadel where humans were growing in numbers. Seeing the need for a business such as hers, outside the military, ultimately made the decision for her as she set her sights on possible business within the Citadel.

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