Olyvia Winchester 2

Birthplace : the Citadel Age: 28  


Olyvia was born to fairly wealthy parents who had sharply contrasting careers and personalities. Her father, an Alliance marine, was a large and boisterous man who always took advantage of his scarce time away from his post to spend with family; her mother, however, was a doctor and had difficulty connecting with Olyvia due to her long shifts at Huerta Memorial.

She was a typical Citadel kid with a fairly happy childhood who excelled at school. Although she had a deep love of English, technology, and the sciences, whenever she was asked she would always speak of joining the Navy and becoming an engineer - a career she often fantasized about with her two like-minded close friends, Max and Jamie.

The three left school accompanied by exam results of varying success and immediately enlisted before partying their last night of freedom away in Purgatory. The night of revelry was interrupted however by Olyvia's now-ill mother whose disappointment was only trumped by her anger, after discovering Olyvia had signed up without consulting her and in fact had only spoke to her father about it. After an alcohol-fueled shouting match, Olyvia stormed out into the rain and with nowhere else to go, headed over to her friend Jamie's. For the first time throughout their whole friendship, Olyvia was the vulnerable one and Jamie seeked to hold her together.

The following day, the three friends were whisked away to boot camp where they struggled to endure every challenge their drill sergeants gave them. However, the grueling work proved to be a good distraction for Olyvia, and she quickly became swift and knowledgeable in most battlefield disciplines. Max and Jamie. 

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