Birthplace:  Oma Ker Colony, Aethon Cluster. Age: 20


Ovidia has lived most of her life with her family in turian controlled space. shes cousin to the Tai'ken family, but has kept her original last name. brought up in a military family like most turian children, she was sent to boot camp and showed quite the apptitude for reconnaissance and tactics. she was well on her way to graduating early and enlisting when her father came home injured at the end of the first contact war. her next two years were spent taking care of her father. just as things were looking up her father took a turn for the worse, due to complications from his injuries. his health failing, he sent his daughter to the citadel, with nothing but a handful of credits to get her feet on the ground, and a picture of a seemingly random turian. as she left, she could only think on those words he left for her as she walked out the door.." Find him Ovidia... find him and make things right.."

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