Snapshot 2157 Rise of Humanity, Toria (177, 130, 86)


He is earth born, the younger of three brothers all within the miltiary.  He is racist in nature.  In that he hates anyone who is not human.   He can interact professionally but is resentful that  C- sec will not allow humans. He will voice this fact when he thinks that non humans are not around.  He suspects that all aliens have an agenda that does not benefit human kind.  He feels like they think they are better humans  treat humans  like second class citizens on the space station.   His story starts  with  the discovery that his elder brother has been assigned  being assigned to the same post as him.  They have not grown up together and his brother has been raised on the space colony.  He thought he would never see him again.  His suspicious nature makes him wary. He does not know him well but is still family and could be of value.  He might even be able to use him to his benefit if need be.  He finds himself also  torn by his attraction for a female alien dancer.   He is drawn to her and despite his distain for aliens he finds that he repeated goes to watch her dance. 

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