Birthplace :  space colony. Age: 23


Chilvaree, Earth born,(in Great Britain) Not knowing from right to wrong  Raven was raised on the streets learning simple pick-pocket as a child to later in her teen years to young adult is where she had a living of both hacking banking information or  with weapon repairs with some minor ship repair experience, she has a strong curiosity for sniper rifles and ancient  weapon's (Sword's and knives), her personality is rather friendly for the most part though she stays quiet and observes with a slight cold look in her eye's until she is ether pushed into a corner or life threatening, she completely changes into a blood thirsty  being that can only see straight forward to taking down whom ever it is. on her free time she looks into asari and quarian culture's (life style, art) In due time more will be added to the bio when she arrives to the citadel or possibly she knows a few people in Cerberus.

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