Snapshot 2157 Rise of Humanity, Toria (43, 93, 218) - Adult

Remma Bandit

Birthplace : Earth

Age : 26


Remma was born into a (filthy) rich family, spoiled to the bone during her early childhood.

At around 8 Remma started bonding with one of her family's personal guards who was an ex marine, she became interested in what existed beyond the planet as well as taking interest in military life.

Her parents being extreme xenophobes  would have none of it all, but kids being kids Remma sweet talked her way into observing and finally participating into training courses that their personal guard were doing.

All was well for a few years till her parents found out, after that a lot of screaming (you know how it goes with teenagers) and threatening to run away to marry an alien, and coincidentally nearly giving her mother a heart attack, it was agreed that Remma could at least continue her interest in military life so she could 'shoot and beat up' (specifically in that order)  any alien that tried to assault her in case she did end up leaving the planet.

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